Saturday, October 21st, 2017

Video 08/02/2009: AFC-NFC 21-30 (Pro Bowl – NFL)

With a huge red lei around his neck and a wide grin that could have stretched across Oahu, Larry Fitzgerald held up the gleaming, silver MVP trophy. It sparkled in the sunshine as much as his ... Watch

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Video 01/02/2009: Arizona Cardinals-Pittsburgh Steelers 23-27 (Superbowl XLIII – NFL)

The winning play in Super Bowl XLIII was right out of a schoolyard. Scamble right, scramble left, find someone open. The ... Watch

Video 18/01/2009: Baltimore Ravens-Pittsburgh Steelers 14-23 (NFL)

Tough and mean, like the original Steel Curtain. These Pittsburgh Steelers delivered too many hard hits and their quarterback was steady ... Watch

Video 18/01/2009: Philadelphia Eagles-Arizona Cardinals 25-32 (NFL)

Down and out for decades, the Arizona Cardinals have turned a bad joke into a Super Bowl-bound team. Yes, the Cardinals, ... Watch

Video 11/01/2009: San Diego Chargers-Pittsburgh Steelers 24-35 (NFL)

Baltimore survived 13-10 on Saturday against the Tennessee There is a home-field advantage in the NFL playoffs after all, and it ... Watch

Video 11/01/2009: Philadelphia Eagles-New York Giants 23-11 (NFL)

Donovan McNabb will get another chance to chase that elusive Super Bowl title. Eli Manning threw away his opportunity to defend ... Watch

Video 10/01/2009: Arizona Cardinals-Carolina Panthers 33-13 (NFL)

The Arizona Cardinals were considered the softest team in the playoffs, unable to win far from home and carrying the scars ... Watch

Video 10/01/2009: Baltimore Ravens-Tennessee Titans 13-10 (NFL)

A not-so-raw rookie and a trustworthy veteran lifted the Baltimore Ravens to the brink of the Super Bowl. With the help ... Watch

Video 04/01/2009: Philadelphia Eagles-Minnesota Vikings 26-14 (NFL)

All but forgotten as playoff contenders, Donovan McNabb and the Philadelphia Eagles have a playoff win. Brian Westbrook caught a short ... Watch

Video 04/01/2009: Baltimore Ravens-Miami Dolphins 27-9 (NFL)

The Baltimore Ravens had Chad Pennington spinning, ducking, on his heels and on his back. When he did manage to get ... Watch

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