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Video 22/02/2015: NBA Highlights of the day (Daily zap)

Video Highlights 22/02/2015: NBA Highlights of the day (Daily zap) Watch more videos of NBA's matches on videosharing portals: Youtube: click here Watch

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Video 17/06/2010: Los Angeles Lakers – Boston Celtics 83-79 (Game 7 – The NBA Finals 2010)

Purple and gold confetti raining down upon him, Kobe Bryant hopped up on the scorer's table, shook his fists and extended ... Watch

Video 15/06/2010: Los Angeles Lakers – Boston Celtics 89-67 (Game 6 – The NBA Finals 2010)

Just a few seconds after seldom-used Boston reserve Shelden Williams missed an uncontested dunk, Kobe Bryant floated to the rim and ... Watch

Video 13/06/2010: Boston Celtics – Los Angeles Lakers 92-86 (Game 5 – NBA The Finals 2010)

It's looking a lot like 2008 again, with Paul Pierce carrying the Boston Celtics to victory in the NBA Finals ... Watch

Video 10/06/2010: Boston Celtics – Los Angeles Lakers 96-89 (Game 4 – NBA The Finals 2010)

The Boston Celtics have tied up the NBA Finals, and they owe it more to "Big Baby" than the Big Three. ... Watch

Video 08/06/2010: Boston Celtics – Los Angeles Lakers 84-91 (Game 3 – NBA The Finals 2010)

Derek Fisher broke down the court after yet another miss by Ray Allen, with nothing between him and the basket. And ... Watch

Video 06/06/2010: Los Angeles Lakers – Boston Celtics 94-103 (Game 2 – NBA The Finals 2010)

Somewhere during the second quarter in Game 2 of the NBA Finals, Ray Allen slipped into that shooting zone only visited ... Watch

Video 03/06/2010: Los Angeles Lakers – Boston Celtics 102-89 (Game 1 – NBA The Finals 2010)

on Artest and Paul Pierce went back-to-back with their elbows locked, both unwilling to yield even an inch underneath the hoop. ... Watch

Video 29/05/2010: Phoenix Suns – Los Angeles Lakers 103-111 (Game 6 – NBA Playoffs 2010)

Kobe Bryant is again showing the world what postseason greatness can be. Bryant and his Los Angeles Lakers are in the ... Watch

Video 28/05/2010: Boston Celtics – Olrando Magic 96-84 (Game 6)

Their encounter was brief, lasting but 2 or 3 seconds, one coach the victor and the other the vanquished, and very, ... Watch

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