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Video 01/02/2010: Utah Jazz – Dallas Mavericks 92-104 (NBA)

Video Highlights 01/02/2010: Utah Jazz - Dallas Mavericks 92-104 (NBA) [youtube][/youtube] Watch

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Video 14/06/2009: Los Angeles Lakers-Orlando Magic 99-86 (NBA The Finals 2009 – Game 5)

Kobe Bryant pulled Phil Jackson close, embracing his coach and looking him straight in the eyes. After all they'd been through, ... Watch

Video 11/06/2009: Los Angeles Lakers-Orlando Magic 99-91 OT (NBA The Finals 2009 – Game 4)

Arms raised in triumph, Derek Fisher walked up the floor looking as if he had just landed the knockout punch. He ... Watch

Video 09/06/2009: Los Angeles Lakers-Orlando Magic 104-108 (NBA The Finals 2009 – Game 3)

Missing for two games, Orlando found its Magic touch. Making easy shots and tough ones from everywhere, the Magic won their ... Watch

Video 07/06/2009: Orlando Magic-Los Angeles Lakers 96-101 OT (NBA The Finals 2009 – Game 2)

The Los Angeles Lakers pulled out a gritty 101-96 overtime victory over the Orlando Magic to take a 2-0 lead in ... Watch

Video 04/06/2009: Orlando Magic-Los Angeles Lakers 75-100 (NBA The Finals 2009 – Game 1)

Kobe Bryant has waited a year, a long year, for another chance at NBA title. He's not about to let this ... Watch

Video 30/05/2009: Cleveland Cavaliers-Orlando Magic 90-103 (NBA Playoffs)

The Orlando Magic never gave in. They didn't buckle when their starting point guard went down with a season-ending injury. They ... Watch

Video 29/05/2009: Los Angeles Lakers-Denver Nuggets 119-92 (NBA Playoffs)

One-half of the Kobe-LeBron dream matchup is set. Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers are in the NBA finals for ... Watch

Video 28/05/2009: Orlando Magic-Cleveland Cavaliers 102-112 (NBA Playoffs)

LeBron James made a new guarantee: Game 6. With Cleveland's wondrous season on the line, James had 37 points, 14 rebounds ... Watch

Video 27/05/2009: Denver Nuggets-Los Angeles Lakers 94-103 (NBA Playoffs)

Kobe Bryant offered himself up as bait and the Denver Nuggets bit. That freed up Lamar Odom and Pau Gasol on ... Watch

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