Wednesday, June 19th, 2019

Video 24/01/2010: Palermo - Fiorentina 3-0
(Serie A)

Abel Hernandez broke the deadlock for Palermo in the 27th minute against Fiorentina cracking a sweet half-volley into the top corner of the near post. The 19-year-old Uruguayan striker went on to claim his brace 10 minutes from the break, Hernandez timing his run to perfection to breach the visitors offside trap and finishing with a cool head. A hooked volley inside the 6-yard box from Igor Budan completed the win for the Sicilians on the hour.

L’attaccante uruguaiano Abel Hernandez realizza nel primo tempo una doppietta che mette al sicuro il risultato. Sostituito nella ripresa da Budan, il croato sigla il definitivo 3-0. Viola apatici e mai pericolosi. I rosanero scavalcano la Juve e si portano al 5° posto.

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