Tuesday, June 19th, 2018

Video 15/07/2013: Home Run Derby
(MLB All Star Game 2013)

Yoenis Cespedes might not be an actual All-Star, but he was the undisputed star of the Chevrolet Home Run Derby on Monday night. Cespedes put on a show for the sold-out Citi Field crowd, banging out 17 home runs in the first round and six in the second, then capping his night with a final-round flourish of nine home runs to edge Bryce Harper and become the first non-All-Star to win the event. Despite all the curiosity over whether Prince Fielder could become just the second player to win the Derby three times or whether Chris Davis’ incredible first half would carry over into this setting, it was Cespedes who stole the spotlight.


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Video Highlights 15/07/2013: Home Run Derby (MLB All Star Game 2013)

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