Wednesday, January 20th, 2021

Video 14/12/2008: Inter-Chievo 3-2
(Serie A)

In a rare appearance for Inter, Maxwell put down an early marker for a recall by jinking his way in the box and scoring after 3 minutes. Inter then kicked off the second half with a second goal, Maicon fed a ball into Zlatan in the box, the Swede’s flick ran into the path of Stankovic and the number 8 struck a first-time shot into the corner. But Chievo hit back almost immediately with a fine 25-yard daisycutter from Pellissier that raced into the net and the Donkeys then stunned the San Siro as Simone Bentivoglio turned in an ugly equaliser. But in the final stage Inter regained control, firstly after Zlatan headed home Maicon’s back-post cross and Ibrahimovic added a stunning fourth, rocketing a first-time shot high into the top corner.

A San Siro la squadra di Mourinho fatica ma batte 4-2 il Chievo grazie allo svedese Ibrahimovic, autore di due gol nel momento più difficile per i nerazzurri. A segno subito Maxwell, poi Stankovic, quindi il 2-2 firmato Pellissier-Bentivoglio. Espulso Morero.

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